HauSafe Cam HD Reviews

This security camera has a low profile, is simple to set up, and can watch an entire room as well as the surroundings from any angle. The control is fairly straightforward, and it may even be exercised remotely using a smartphone in the event that people are away from home.

The HauSafe Cam HD is a type of security camera that is designed to be simply installed into a lamp base and then draws all of the power necessary for effective video surveillance from the lamp itself. People can view exactly what is going on inside their houses thanks to the data that is supplied immediately to their smartphones. The following characteristics of the HauSafe Cam are listed by the manufacturer:

The system is adaptable and may be used for a variety of purposes.
It is simple to put into use.
It is portable to the extent that people can carry it with them wherever.
In addition to functioning as an alarm system, it also has an extremely powerful LED light.
It does not require any cords or batteries to work.
Because it has night vision, people can see what’s going on even when it’s dark outside.
As can be seen, the HauSafe Cam HD possesses all of the capabilities that one would anticipate seeing in a high-quality video surveillance system. Because it can be installed in any of the lamp bases, the surveillance camera may be utilized anywhere inside the home.

Why do people need to purchase this surveillance camera?
In general, the HauSafe Cam HD is appropriate for everyone who is interested in obtaining video surveillance that functions dependably and is willing to tolerate less effort regarding its installation. As a result, it is strongly suggested for everybody who rents an apartment or owns a property. No age limitations are necessary for using the HauSafe Cam HD, and both men and women of any gender are welcome to try it.

Because the process is so straightforward, even young children could put it in place. It makes no difference, though, if a person has used a different kind of security camera in the past or not. Products that did not meet the expectations of the customer might be ignored. Because HauSafe takes care of everything in terms of monitoring, it is the only thing people require to increase the level of safety in their homes.

How Does It Work?

Before people can use Hausafe, people will need to download and install the companion app for their smartphone. All of the controls may be found on the smartphone, which also provides notifications on the live camera feed.

It is compatible with iOS as well as Android-based mobile devices.

The power connections for the camera are designed to look like regular light bulbs and can be quickly inserted into a light holder once they are assembled.

The product description claims that each device comes with a memory card that has a capacity of 64 gigabytes and can save enough surveillance footage to last for twenty-four hours.

Technical facts
Let’s have a look at some of the more technical aspects of HauSafe, as well as how they may be utilized by people. This will at the very least, provide people with some basic information on the equipment, which has the capability of carrying out video surveillance. The HauSafe has these features:

Individuals can defend their houses without spending much money thanks to the built-in alarm system that is included.

Night vision allows the user to see what is going on in the area surrounding the security camera, even when it is dark outside.

Because of the extremely brilliant LED light, the identity of the device as a security camera cannot be determined just by looking at it. A simple and common light is another possibility.

Because of its wireless functionality, the product may be used without the use of either batteries or cords. As a result, there is no need to be concerned that it will stop working in the future.

The fact that the Cam is equipped with these technological qualities demonstrates, on its own, that it is ideal for all applications of video surveillance. A common security camera does not have any other features and is typically even less well-equipped than other cameras.

General features of HauSafe Cam HD
1). Simple and quick assembly:

Because it is so simple to attach to a light socket, virtually anyone is capable of putting it in place. Everyone chooses it above the other options since it can be established with very little effort.

2). Complete Color Visibility in the Dark:

The night vision on the Hausafe comes in full color and activates itself automatically as soon as it becomes dark outside.

The image illustrates the excellent quality, which is far higher than what is achievable with infrared night vision.

Infrared LEDs that have been turbocharged make it possible to broadcast high-definition video back to your smartphone.

3). Motion detection sensors:

Automatic motion sensors monitor moving things until they depart their detection range. When activity is detected, Smarty® the product will immediately notify the device people have installed it on.

4) Alarm feature:

People have the ability to raise an alert using technologies from Hausafe in order to scare away any intruders. They will receive a notification, and the application will allow users to set the alarm.

5) Cameras for Babies and Animals:

The Hausafe cam HD is an excellent baby and pet camera that features a two-way audio function that enables users to listen to and chat with the HauSafe’s camera at any time from any location in the globe. This feature makes the camera ideal for monitoring babies and pets.

6) Two-way audio:

This enables people to have conversations with members of their family at any time and from any location in the world.

7) Highlighted by its luminous quality:

Turn on four strong lights in order to make up for the light that they had to turn out for the camera. Alternatively, users might switch on a light in the general area where motion is detected.

8). Easily insertable into the majority of light bulb sockets: Individuals are free to place the Hausafe wherever there is a standard light bulb socket.

9). Powerful LEDs: This camera has four incredibly powerful LEDs integrated directly into it so that it can compensate for the light that is being blocked off. You may do this and keep the security light at the same time as adding a camera.

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