10 Crazy Google Easter Eggs You Never Knew Existed!

Google Easter Eggs.

Google are well known for their sense of humour. Not one to do things in half measures, here are 10 crazy Google Easter Eggs you never knew existed.

1. The Queen makes an appearance on Google Maps.

Google Easter Eggs - The Queen on Street View.

When viewing some royal residences like Buckingham Palace, Hillsborough Castle or Holyrood Palace, the Street View Pegman turns into the Queen!

2. You can play Snake in Google.

Google Easter Eggs - Playing Snake.

Just Google “play snake“.

3. Go home Google, you’re drunk!

Click me or click me!

4. Old skool Google.

Looking for a blast from the past? Google “google in 1998“.

5. Sonic makes an appearance on Google.

Google Easter Eggs - Sonic The Hedgehog.

Speaking of blasts from the past, if you search “sonic the hedgehog“, you’ll see Sonic on the side. Click on him 25 times and he turns into Super Sonic.

Not to be outdone, if you search for “super mario bros” you get a similar thing. If you click it 100 times you get a 1UP.


Sticking with the old skool gaming, if you go to Google Images and search for “atari breakout” you may just find yourself trapped in an endless game of Breakout (I must have wasted 20 minutes on it whilst I was writing this post).

7. Zerg Rush!

Them games too easy for you? Try your hand at this… Google “zerg rush“, you need to kill the critters before they kill your page. Good luck.

8. Need to make a decision? Flip a coin.

Google Easter Eggs - Flip A Coin.

Google can help make a decision, simply ask it to “flip a coin“. This one works on your Google Home device too, always handy for settling who’s brewing up!

9. Travel by whaaaa?…

Google Easter Eggs - Crazy Directions.

If you search Google Maps for directions to the Brecon Beacons from Snowdon, Google offers directions via Dragon.

If you do it from Urquhart Castle to Fort Augustus it offers directions via the Loch Ness Monster.

Windsor Castle to Buckingham Palace? How’s the Royal Carriage for you.

10. Google staff makes an appearance on Google Maps.

Google Easter Eggs - HQ.

Quite an awkward one to find but if you look on Street View at Googles HQ in London, there’s nothing out of the ordinary but if you click it at just right angle you’re treated to this sight.


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