Nanoleaf Aurora Review

Nanoleaf Aurora Living Room.

When you invite someone back to your home, be it for a date or a party there’s always that risk of the awkward silence. With a Nanoleaf Aurora in your life silent moments will be a thing of the past.

Simply put, the Nanoleaf Aurora is a colour changing set of triangular LED lights. Sounds fancy and that’s because it is!

The Aurora is made up of triangular modular panels that can be put together to make all kinds of cool shapes and with 16.7 million colours available you can set the feeling of a room to suit whatever your mood be.

Adds a real wow factor to a room.

It’s not ground breaking by any means but it looks freaking cool!! There’s nothing like this out there right now. It’s hard not to be impressed looking at this thing, it’s futuristic, stylish and screams technology.

As the lights are modular it means you’re free to change the shape to anything you’d like as often as you’d like, so you’ll never get bored of looking at it.

Very easy to control.

You can control the smart lights from the smartphone app (Android and iOS), through your voice or from the buttons on the Aurora.

This is perfect for anyone who wants a stylish and unique feature in their home or apartment. You can mount it on the wall or use your imagination.

Some great examples of what can be done with the lighting can be found on the Nanoleaf Instagram page.

One really cool feature is the ability to imitate daylight, this is great for treating anyone who suffers from Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD).

According to the Nanoleaf website, there are 2 further upgrades coming which really add value to this product – the Aurora Rhythm which allows the lights to react to the beat of your music, and the Aurora Remote, a unique remote that offers wireless control of the Aurora without having to reach for your phone.

The system integrates with IFTTT which is fantastic as it offers even more cool ways to use the lighting, be that to use the light as an alarm clock or to change to a colour when an event in my calendar is due, useful for when i’m watching TV but need to know when to leave for work.

Well designed from the box to the product.

When you’re setting it up for the first time you get 3M sticky strips to help stick the lights to the wall, they don’t do any damage which is great if you’re like me and live in a rented home.

I’d recommend you order some heavy duty Velcro to go with this. The reason being, if you do want to move the lights you don’t get many strips in the box so this will give you the ability to move it as and when you desire.

You’re not likely to see this in every home in the coming years but that’s not such a bad thing. It’s a fantastic device and you wouldn’t want everyone to have one otherwise it’d take away some of the awe you get when you first see it. All in all this is a really impressive piece of kit.

The Good

  • It allows you to change the look and feel of a room so easy.
  • Definitely a party piece, this will have people asking you about it.
  • Looks fantastic.
  • Great way to brighten up your home without having to get an electrician in.
  • You can add or take away modules as whenever you want.
  • Works with IFTTT.
  • Can be used to treat Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD).

The Bad

  • You wouldn’t use this as a primary source of light in a room.
  • Doesn’t sync up with Philips Hue, not really a negative as such but it would be fantastic if it did.


  • Works with Android, Apple HomeKit and Amazon Echo.
  • No hub or bridge required.
  • Connect up to a maximum of 30 LED panels. Comes with 9 in a box.
  • Luminous Flux: 100 Lumen (per panel).
  • Mains Powered.
  • Max Power Per Panel: 2W.
  • Max Power Supply Power: 60W.
  • Dimmable: Yes (via App or Voice Control).
  • Voltage: 100vac – 240vac (Universal).
  • Communication Protocol: Wi-Fi (2.4GHz b/g).
  • Lifetime: 25,000 Hours.
  • Max Colours: 16.7 million.
  • EU Energy Efficiency Label: A+.
  • Weight: 1.8KG.
  • Dimensions: 1.3 x 24 x 21 cm.
  • Material: Plastic.


Well designed, innovative and looks amazing. Gets our seal of approval.



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