Navdy Review

Navdy Open Road.

Designed for busy drivers, Navdy is an advanced satellite navigator and in-car computer. For the first time, this leading edge GPS navigation system enables motorists to navigate and see alerts while looking forwards, thanks to an innovative head-up display.

A combination of voice commands and a Navdy steering wheel dial allow wireless control of your Android or iPhone handset. In effect, your smartphone links to the route ahead, enabling you to stay connected when it is safe to do so. No matter where the road takes you, Navdy always navigates – including without mobile network coverage, thanks to the inbuilt maps. Advanced GPS sensors find your current position and if the traffic ahead is heavy, Navdy harnesses the power of Google to offer time saving alternative routes. Additionally, the processor learns your driving habits and considers calendar events to predict your needs and make suggestions.

Rapid access to contacts and voice recognition software with gestures mean you can listen to text messages and find destinations with ease. You will always know where the nearest petrol station is, too. For in-car entertainment and relaxing music en route, the unit works with Spotify, Apple and Google Play streaming services. The ergonomic steering wheel control makes it easy to scroll through lists, select or skip tracks and even zoom in and out of maps – all without fumbling.

The safer way to use your phone while driving.

Navdy’s head-up display projects maps and urgent messages onto the lower windscreen. The transparent colour images are visible even in bright sunlight (up to forty times brighter than a smartphone display) and dim automatically, to provide clarity during day and night. As the readout is focused in the distance, there is no need to take your eyes off the road.

Navdy has received favourable reviews. However, the device senses ambient light and may bother some drivers at night when passing under streetlights, when the display brightens and then darkens. Robust and powerful, Navdy hardware features premium quality materials and is portable enough to use in different vehicles or to remove for safekeeping. It weighs just 245 grammes.

Motorists seeking similar alternatives might be interested in the Roav, an offering from the Chinese group Anker and advertised as a dash top computer. Pre-ordering started in late 2016.

Traffic safety experts acknowledge that although the fighter pilot technology of head-up displays could make motorists safer behind the wheel, more testing is necessary to evaluate possible driver distraction or overload caused by too much detail.

In summary, Navdy lets you look forwards and be aware of relevant information while answering calls and speaking hands-free. Imagine: no more getting lost or missed turnings. Directions and notifications display together, along with speed limits. Route instructions remain visible even if texts, notifications or calls appear and control is at your fingertips without touching the mobile. The configurable widgets include fuel levels, consumption and range, as well as engine RPM and compass bearing.

Currently, Navdy’s UK recommended retail price is £599.99.

With the new 2017 phone driving laws Navdy is worth considering if you dont want to run afoul of the law.

The Good

  • Advanced sat-nav and in-car computer.
  • Navigate safely whilst driving.
  • Stay up to date with important alerts whilst driving.
  • Able to navigate without mobile reception with offline maps.
  • Find faster routes when traffic is busy.
  • Intelligent predictions based on your driving habits and calendar to make suggestions.
  • Voice recognition.
  • Able to find petrol stations near by.
  • Listen to text messages.
  • Play music.
  • Works with streaming services like Spotify, Apple and Google.
  • Works in bright sunlight.
  • Automatic adjustment of brightness to ensure clarity in any environment.
  • Can be swapped from vehicle to vehicle, no hard wiring required.

The Bad

  • Passing lights at night can sometimes cause the Navdy to adjust brightness which can be annoying.


  • Height: 13cm, Width: 14cm, Depth: 9.5 cm.
  • Weight: 245g.


Fantastic device and a great start for what’s to come in the augmented driving market. Roav looks promising but for now Navdy is king.

Star.Star.Star.Star.Empty Star.


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