Xiaomi Mi Smart Scale Review

Xiaomi Mi Scale In Use.

The Xiaomi Mi Smart Scale is an easy to use scale that tracks your weight and BMI.

What makes this more advanced than your bog-standard Argos scale however, is that it has the ability to analyse and interpret the data it receives using three different algorithms.

For a lot of people, staying in control of your weight is like pushing a car uphill, it’s a struggle. Using a Mi Smart Scale is like having someone else helping you push the car uphill, it’s not going to do the work for you but it will definitely help.

It has the wow factor.

The design is futuristic looking, with rounded smooth edges and a polished glass surface that gleams that “Apple” look, it certainly has the wow factor. The readings are provided via a stylish display made up of 161 LEDs. The readings are hidden until you step on the scale, inside of it is a light sensor that automatically adjusts the brightness to ensure readability in any environment.

Don’t let the nice looks fool you, this is one seriously tough scale. The tempered glass surface allows it to look slick whilst remaining strong enough to take some serious weight. The bottom is made of ABS (great for impact resistance and toughness), it’s also moisture and dust resistant. Rigorous quality checks have been done to ensure the device can withstand a smack from a falling object without breaking the glass.

This is one seriously tough scale.

At the bottom of the Mi Scale are 4 rubber feet that ensure the scale is stable when you stand on it, there’s also a housing area for the batteries and a switch to change the measurement you’d like the scale to give readings in. The weight measurement switch is wrote in Chinese so you’ll need to switch between the 3 options to get the right setting, it’s not a big deal but it is annoying. The measurements available are Catties (a traditional Chinese unit of mass), Kilograms or Pounds.

Some people might be wondering if the scales are cheap will the measurements be off, that’s definitely not the case here. The scales are ultra-sensitive, using a high-precision sensor you are able to get an exact reading (accurate within 100g). The scales can detect such a small change in measurement that they can actually be used to measure infants which is great for new parents.

The Mi Fit app provides access to valuable measurements.

There is a smartphone app available (Xiaomi Mi Fit) that you’ll need to use if you’d like to utilise all the smart features. The Mi Fit app displays your weight measurements via clear graphs which is great if you’re concerned with your progress. The scales also work with other big name health apps such as Apple HealthKit, Google Fit, Samsung S-Health and MyFitnessPal.

One of the best pairings available is with the Mi Band 2, if you really want to turbo charge your fitness goals you should check it out, the Mi Smart Scale works superbly with it.

The scale communicates using Bluetooth (v4) which is a shame, it means you’ll need to have your phone within range of it if you want to sync your data, but don’t fret if you don’t have your phone to hand, it will save up to 800 weight measurements in the memory until it next gets the chance to sync. In future models, it would be great if Xiaomi added Wi-Fi as a connectivity option.

Measurements and data are synced to your phone, similarly firmware updates are automatically available to your scale via the phone.

The scale can detect if it’s an adult or child using it, it can identify up to 16 users which means anyone in the family can use it for themselves individually.

The scales arrive in a well-made box, inside you get the product, 4 x 1.5V AA batteries and some instructions. The instructions are in Chinese but it’s not hard to figure it out, it’s pretty self-explanatory, plus there are instructions in English available online.

To get the device setup you need to download the Mi Fit app, setup a Mi account then follow the instructions to pair the scales.

One of the best things with Xiaomi products is you know you’re getting great value, they’re always cheaper than their western rivals (check out FitBit Aria), they’re always dependable and they’re always packed with great features that’d you’d expect to see on a top of the line device.

There are other great smart scales out there (again the FitBit Aria comes to mind) but this really is the best there is if you’re looking for good value, good quality and full of features.

Well made and great value for money.

The Good

  • That “Apple” look and wow factor.
  • It’s so easy to use.
  • Lasts up to a year off 1 set of batteries.
  • The price.

The Bad

  • The Mi Fit app isn’t all that it could be.
  • Lack of Wi-Fi connectivity meaning you’ll need your phone to be within range for Bluetooth to work.
  • The instructions aren’t in English.
  • The weight unit selection on the back of the scale itself isn’t in English.


  • Height: 300mm, Width: 300mm, Depth: 28.2mm.
  • Weight: 1.9KG.
  • Colour: White.
  • Front Panel: Tempered Glass.
  • Bottom Panel: ABS.
  • Measurements: Catties, Kilograms, Pounds.
  • Power: Via 4 x 1.5v AA Batteries. These should last up to a year in part due to the low-energy Bluetooth technology.


Fantastic piece of kit, great value and functionality only let down by some minor overlooked details like no English instructions in the box. Definitely recommended.

Star.Star.Star.Star.Empty Star.


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