5 Reasons Why You Should Invest In A Smart Home

Model Home.

Home automation was once the stuff of science fiction, but now it’s become a reality for more and more people. A smart home is now well within reach for the average homeowner, with home automation systems becoming increasingly affordable and simple to implement. More and more systems and devices can now be linked and controlled remotely. Everything from heating and air-conditioning to televisions and kitchen appliances can be networked and controlled via a smartphone app or a web UI.

There are a plethora of good reasons to invest in a smart home, but here are my top five;

Apple iPhone Smartphone Desk.

It makes life easier.

1. Convenience

A smart home simply makes life easier. There’s no longer any need to slog up and downstairs or from room to room if you want to turn lights off, adjust the heating, or start warming the oven. These tasks can all be performed remotely; they can even be automated, so you never have to worry about forgetting something.

Money And A Calculator.

It can save you money.

2. Cost-effectiveness

A smart home can save money. Because you can easily pre-set controls or use a remote application to interact with your home’s automated systems, you only run the heating, air-conditioning or lighting when you need to. This means lower energy bills.

Blown Bulb.

It’s more efficient.

3. Energy Efficiency

Fine-tuning your heating, cooling and lighting in this way also means your home has a smaller carbon footprint. Every year, vast amounts of energy are wasted through unnecessary lighting or heating. A smart home puts you in the driver’s seat, allowing you to check on and adjust any of your home’s automated systems wherever you are.

Model Home.

A smart home is a more secure home.

4. Security

A smart home is a more secure home. You can check the locks on your doors remotely, and even get an alert if something seems untoward (like a motion detector picking up movement when no-one’s supposed to be home). If you should forget your keys, it’s easy to get indoors using a smartphone app that controls the locks. No more waiting nervously on the doorstep!


You will arrive to find your house warm and inviting.

5. Comfort

Paradoxically, automation has made our houses much more like a home than ever before. Instead of dreading a gloomy homecoming to a cold, dark house, you can now look forward to arriving back. Even if you’re the first one to get back in the evening, you will arrive to find your house warm and inviting, with a friendly light in the window. It’s safe, secure and cosy.

As with any novel technology, home automation is bound to have a few teething troubles. So far, most issues are avoidable with a little common sense. Internet-connected devices need to be properly secured in order to prevent someone else accessing them; obviously, it’s important that only trustworthy people can operate your system or change any settings.

That aside, a smart home is one of the best investments you can make. In the near future, home automation may become as essential as running water or electricity. Automation doesn’t just improve your quality of life now, it may pay dividends in the future.


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